2018 s4 prestige lease

Just got this quote 2018 Audi S4 prestige

**MSRP: $63000 droped to $51000 with all discount but there are some hidden fees or very low RV what’s your thoughts any suggestions?

**Monthly Payment: $**686.18
**Cash Due at Signing: $**4330
**Annual Mileage:*10k/36mo
**Residual not sure

Leasehackr Score:

look at the s6 – there is 15k on the hood

Thats kinda in line to what I was seeing when I was looking into these 3 months ago. The residual just plain sucks and it really hurts the payment.

Looking at Edmunds I think its a 3% residual diff from the P+ and Prestige with 10k

All S4 leases suck, but to get one that sucks less you need a Premium Plus, which has an extra 3 points on the residual and honestly all you really give up of significance is the ACC.

This thread got me looking for an S6 instead of an S4. I’ll start a new thread if I find anything Hackr worthy.

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