2018 RX350 lease question



I am helping my parents with this. They have a lexus lease that is up in 2 months. The dealer is trying to get them into a RX350 (MSRP 54064) How much should I expect them to negotiate off the car to make it worthwhile on a 2018 when the 2019’s are out. I know the lease cash is 2500 atm, and they would get loyalty bonus as well.

I am telling them to try different dealers as this dealer is trying to push them into a 500 dollar a month payment, with 3600 down for the fees, taxes first month.

Any help would be appreciated.

I personally feel they should be in this range or maybe they can do even better on a “leftover”


Please search the forum first as there are many RX350 deals in the last month.

Also I imagine incentives change tomorrow


Do you think the incentives will get better? I know it’s hard to know but I’m in the same boat and not sure what to do

Should be able to get close to a 1% deal with discount and incentives and $0 DAS.