2018 RX350 is it a good deal?

2018 RX 2018 Premium package
MSRP $50923
loyalty $1000
Sale price $45523

36/10 Residiual 58
MF 0.0003

Due signing $3500 (1st month included)

Monthly 505$ (including tax)

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Do 39 months, and with more discount it should come to 460 p/m

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they told me that 39month would be higher because residual would be lower

It should be lower. Where are you located?

miami/fort lauderdale area

Maybe the programs there are different, however your sales price needs to come down by at least 1000

Also, believe there’s more money on the 2017’s still.

Whats the 3500 down payment include other than first payment? Sfl inceptions for lexus are 1200 max. Ask for a breakdown. Also, check for 2017s if available. If not, i would wait till july i lf possible.

600 bucks (after rolling incentives) for a non-F type RX is insane. The GX460 premium was recently signed by a friend for $515 per month tax included for 1000 due at signing

Can you PM me pricing on 2017 RX350’s in NYC?

Send me a PM with the exact MSRP you’re looking for please.

try this guy, seems like he knows Lexus deals in So Flo

PM sent.

Thanks. 20202020202020

You could do better, got a 2018 RX350 1 month ago, MSRP $54000, I put down $2000 (inc. 1st month), my monthly is $508 including taxes. Was in So Cal though.

Look for a total cost of ownership of 1% of negotiated sales price or less with at least 10k miles/ year, yours is $597 for a $45k car? 1.3%? No.

Agree, I’ve leased 5 cars in my life, and if your monthly including taxes is 1% of the sales price, not MSRP then you got yourself a good deal so you should negotiate to have your monthly around $460

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Hi Carzie, just joined the forum - seems like a great resource! I am currently in a lease and paying more than 1% of the sales price, but I also went with 15,000 miles and included the AudiCare maintenance package. This is the 2nd time I’ve seen the 1% rule recently - but does that depend on the miles per year you include? Trying to learn to do a better job negotiating next year when my lease is up! :slight_smile:

I can’t guarantee you’d get that everytime, for some brands and models you have to wait for big manufacturer incentives to get to that 1% but based on my experience, I would say if you are too much above 1% you’re paying too much. This is not including the packages they try to sell you once you walk into the financing ofiice. Think about the extra $20-$40 you might need to add to your monthly while negotiating if you need those packages (I had to purchase it because I have an expensive light color leather interior with two children under 2 so who knows what might happen). You could also pay those upfront so you keep your low monthly. I got the maintenance package on my Lexus, $1300, but after a few minutes they dropped it to $900 then the guy made a mistake in one of the numbers and misquoted me on my final monthly so he had to lower it again to $750 so that the computer would not throw errors because my DP was too low even though he said at first I can’t go lower than $900. So full of sh*t.
Forgot to answer you questions: the 1% is for 36 mo, 12k/year

I am no lease expert, but let’s try to adjust the 1%-rule for a higher-mileage lease. Consider this article:

It appears that 2,000 or 5,000 more miles per year on that car reduces the residual by roughly 2-4%, so the loss in value increases by 5% - 10% (i.e. if a 60% residual/10k lease becomes a 58% residual/12k lease, then 40% -> 42% loss in value is a 5% increase in the loss in value.) So a 12k miles car would ask for a 1.05% lease, a 15k car would ask for a 1.10% lease per month. This is only a rough estimate; other manufacturers may have wildly different ideas of how the extra miles damage the value of their car.

When I leased my car there were all sorts of crazy fees and I found it useful to measure the offers in terms of TCO per month (INCLUDING taxes; my locale is 9% tax, in Oregon or Texas the 1% rule probably changes to a 0.9% rule.)

Forget about 1%! You’ll learn to do a lot better than that on this forum…