2018 Rogue Lease Evaluation Help Please

After several days of painful negotiating, I’m finally getting somewhere! For a 2018 Rogue AWD SV w/premium…

MSRP $30,615



MF .00071
(I’ll link to the calculator at the bottom of the post)

I’m having problems getting numbers to match up. When I calculate by hand or use the calculater here I get a payment of $249.04 (with tax), but the dealer is giving me a payment of $293 which is what I can’t figure out. I can’t get them to send me a lease worksheet but he did go over the numbers with me by phone. He confirmed the sales price of $26,684 before rebates as well as the correct money factor and drive-offs. He’s telling me there are no other hidden fees so I can’t understand why the difference in price. I’m going there tomorrow to look at the lease worksheet in person since they don’t want to email it. After all the discussions I’ve had with the sales manager I don’t expect to find any surprises, so why the $50 difference in payments?

I talked to @Benedettowho told me a sales price in the low 27’s would be the best I can get so I think this could be a good deal.

Also a big “thank you” to everyone on this forum. I’ve learned so much and couldn’t have done this without you!

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Have you checked the Marketplace for Rogue deals?

I did search the marketplace. There were better deals in February and a slightly better deal in June but after messaging the broker he says I can’t get it now.

I’m going there tomorrow to look at the lease worksheet in person since they don’t want to email it.

That’s a big red flag in my experience. Did they send you any previous quotes digitally?

Something is missing. What I find strange is that it appears that you’re capping $878 … $27,562 - $26,684 = $878 yet, you call this amount a drive off fee. And, your total drive off is 878 + 3293 of which, 293 is your first payment.
So, this leads me to ask: What is the breakdown of $878 and $3,200?
Also, I’m wondering if you’re from a state that taxes the total base payments like Ohio.
Never do business with a dealer that refuses to email you their lease worksheet and you should tell them so. Also, never set foot in a dealership. The only reason to go to the dealership is to test drive and sign documents.

My mistake! I did not mean to type $3200 down. It’s just the first payment of $293 alone with acquisition, doc fees and plates. I’ve had a lot of conversations with the sales manager and he has sent me quotes confirming all of the major numbers. His reasoning is that I’ll take the offer to another dealer to beat. I’m okay going in at this point. I know all the numbers and I’m not afraid to walk out!