2018 rav4 xle lease

First time poster and I had no idea about this site when I leased the car. Just wondering if I can tell if I got a decent deal even though the lease was over a year ago and I had an upside down trade in. I wish I knew about the no money down rule too lol. I’m trying to find the money factor and msd on my paperwork but can’t find it. I tried looking at the guide to leasing contract but I don’t see it. I feel like I probably got ripped off but I’m glad to get rid of my last car. I’ll post all my paperwork to see if it’s on there. Any tips or links to threads I can read are appreciated
Thanks, Brandon

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0 Discount
4.5k Down


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Lol that’s what I thought. I wish I knew of this site and knew a little more about leasing. Oh well. Now I know for next time

Yeah no point in kicking yourself over it now. A broker in New England was getting people in Rav4 XLE’s for like $310 month, just first payment due at signing.

We’ve all gotten burned one time. What’s important is the future and the improvements to make on the next one(s).