2018 Rav4 XLE 15k miles

Hi everyone, I am in the market for an SUV and have been looking at the Rav4. I was offered 2018 Rav4 XLE model for $229/mo. with $3500 down and 15k miles per year. I am purchasing in Westchester County, NY. Is this a fair deal or can I do a lot better?

Don’t put any down payment (CCR). Contact @Leasard as he seems to put together good Toyota deals in MA and now the NY area too.

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+1 3500 is way too much to put down 0 looks better.

Thanks for your reply. Do you think I should not put down any money just beacuse that’s generally not the smart thing to do with leases or do you think I can get a similar monthly payment with $0 down.

I have a deal in NY for 18 RAV4 XLE,
MSRP- 29228
12/36, 0 down, taxes and fees included, first payment due at signing only- for 297/m

I have one for 279, 36/12. 0 down. Just first month upfront!

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Hi Everyone,
Does anyone have information on RAV4 XLE with Power Plus Extra Value Package on a lease in South Florida?
Unfortunately, Edmunds has no information on MF & Residuals; etc.

Thanks in Advance