2018 Range Rover Sport V8 Supercharged Dynamic $95k MSRP 1233+Tax 0 Down (1st Payment, TTLR, Acq. Fee DAS)

Not a “Hackr” deal, but a great deal for someone in the market for a Range Rover nonetheless. Car is Gray on Vintage Tan/Ebony with Style 5007 21" Wheels. Text Gor at (424) 278-8216

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2018 Range Rover Sport Supercharged Dynamic
MSRP: $ 95351
Selling Price: $ 91335 (Wow, not paying MSRP for a Range Rover! :joy:)
Monthly Payment: $ 1233+Tax
Drive-Off Amount: $ 3290 (1st Payment, TTLR, Acq. Fee)
Months: 39
Annual Mileage: 10k
MF: .00115 (And they aren’t marking up the Money Factor??? :joy:)
Residual: 52%
Available Incentives: None
Region: SoCal Only

RRs are beautiful, but it’s almost impossible to be at 1% on them. Also, it amazes me that on a 95k vehicle, that the discount is only $4k?

Wouldn’t it make more sense to wait until Dec/Jan when JLR throws some incentives to help move the 18s?



They don’t discount them because most people that buy them happily pay MSRP or over MSRP. Wouldn’t count on getting a better deal in Dec/Jan either, inventory will just be a lot lighter. Sweet spot is end of March when their fiscal year ends, they tend to get desperate then.

Good to know. Thanks for the heads up. It’s too bad that you’re not near the dc metro area, as I’m thinking of moving to a RR when my X5 lease is over (Feb 2020).

Disagree, RR are a dime a dozen these days, u can get discounts

You definitely can get a discount. I’m saying that most people don’t, or if they are shown a discount the dealerships tend to make it back up on the money factor.

Text me around that time I’ll do what I can to help

@legendsauto Thanks, definitely will do.

@legendsauto - I’m looking to pick up a full size Range Rover V8 in November - are you able to help, and what does pricing look like on that?

PM’d you @volklgear