2018 Range Rover Sport Supercharged

Was offered to takeover a range rover sport supercharged lease. 15k/36. No money down $1035 a month. Thoughts?

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Get the complete details, such as MSRP, service records, how many miles currently, etc.

car was leased two months ago has 3k miles on it. MSRP $92K. hasnt been serviced yet

Any reason for transfer? It’s not exactly 1% but not a bad offer either. Have you asked if they’ll include any incentives?

No reason just wants another car. No incentive. They put 5k down and want none back

Looks like he/she has money to burn, might as well push your luck and see if they’ll offer an incentive. If not, take the deal, seems pretty good for that price and not wanting any money back.

Also check, can RR be transferred 3 months in?

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Will have to check that. Thank you

AFAIK Land Rover FS (CHASE) Doesn’t allow lease transfers while Land Rover Capital Group does.

Good advice from Splattered. Haven’t seen your name around in a while. :+1:

Got busy for a while so I was just lurking and commenting here and there. Plan to be back full time now haha

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that’s unheard of on a 92k sticker with 5 k down

no way is it 1035 a month with 15/39

ive been looking lol

that would be like a 13 percent discount off sticker… on a v8 Range Rover sport

thats a really good payment, if you change your mind and decide not to take it. i will gladly take it over on those terms on your behalf :grin:

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Really good deal for sure if it’s legitimate. Also happy to take the deal if you decide to pass!

Amazing deal but Chase doesnt allow lease transfers.

Hopefully its through a CU and not Chase.