2018 Range Rover Sport Lease


Good deal?

2018 range rover sport HSE

MSRP: 76,661
Selling Price: 72,179
Out of Pocekt: 4,878 - includes NY tax
Monthly Payment: 869
Months: 39
Annual Mileage: 10,000
MF: 0.00094
Residual: 55%
Region: NY

Id like to know too if this is considered a good deal. Id like to accomplish a sport around same MSRP for under 1000 for a 36/15 with 0 drive off.

Range Rovers generally don’t lease well. Considering you are trying to do 36 months instead of 39 (he has 3 extra months of payments) and 15k miles (reduce residual by 2% so 53%), yours will definitely be closer to $1k/mo

less than 6% discount on a leftover 2018 isn’t much of a discount IMO

I was curious what a good discount might be on a leftover 2018 HSE or TD V6?

Minimum 10% off but I’d shoot for more. I know RR dealers think they sit on gold and can be harder than other brands but Still … leftovers gotta go

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Is 10% standard like Merc usually does…? I’m asking because I’m trying to see if I can snag a TD6 or V6 left over at a good price MF is low and makes sense… I haven’t felt out my local dealer but have done a proximity search and those dealers seem to want to make deals so hoping my local dealer understands that…

Just to compare- my lease from the ‘other side of the house’, leased in November 2016 so was a leftover. Car sat on dealer’s lot for 255 days:

2016 Jaguar XJ R-sport

MSRP: 79,799
Selling Price: ? don’t remember (however, 9 months left on my 2014 XF AWD absorbed by dealer/JNA)
Out of Pocekt: 3000 total
Monthly Payment: 853 incl. NY tax rolled in
Months: 39
Annual Mileage: 15,000
MF: ? don’t remember
Residual: 45% I think
Region: NY

Thanks, though this was a 2016 Jag leased in 2018? Was it punched as a Service Loaner? I’m trying to get as close to that type of payment as I can in an RR.

you can’t compare Jag to RR, if your timing is right they give Jags away, not the case with RR

This comparison makes no sense…
Not sure of the point of that one

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@305Hackr do you think that I can expect to be under $1k in an 18’ RR with an MSRP of $81k?

Why don’t you use the calculator to see what kind of discount you need to hit that number?

i couldn’t tell you, we don’t see many full size RR here, more velars etc. and I’ve never shopped those personally. I can’t stand RR to be honest, it’s a a pricy status symbol lease of a terrible product IMO but to each their own.

Edit: sorry i just realized you said “Sport”. @Siejammy was recently shopping those, he has a good handle of leasing and probably that car in particular.

It’s a RR Sport. I don’t think I could swallow the Full RR payment at the moment. @305Hackr yeah I saw him talking about it. He’s kinda the reason why I started looking at the RR Sport while I was looking to jump into another Merc.

I did and I’d have to hit $73k to be in the vicinity of 10%… I’m curious is that’s doable given the time of year.