2018 Range Rover Evoque SE Lease

Hey guys.
Is this a good deal?

This is a fake advertise.
Months ago there, but you never can get even close deal…

Did you even read the fine print? It very clearly says that it is expired. Did you see if that stock number is still in stock? It probably isn’t.

They’re still running the special and the vehicle is available.
Talked with the salesperson but wanted to know your expertise in this matters to see how good it is

It’s a decent deal, but they’ll fight like hell to get you to pay more.

Bear in mind only the HSE trim has blindspot monitors which given the rear visibility on the Evoque is good to have. I did some calculations on an HSE trim and with the incentives in Texas it looked like you could get one for around $500p/m plus tax with nothing down so only a little more than this for more features. The new 2019 Evoque is out in 6 months too, but of course will be way more expensive than this.