2018 Range Rover Evoque lease

I’m still waiting for info on MF.

I think I can still do better since it is a preowned loaner vehicle. What do you guys think of this deal?

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Can I ask what dealership that is?
But…also looking at the fine print, 5000 miles and $4000k down? :thinking:

In MA - please adjust according to your mileage but even with 4k down and mileage, I think it is coming cheaper than your Loaner deals… This deal is coming up to 500, 0 down, 10k miles…

Really? can you please send me the calculations? new to this so don’t really know how to use the lease calculator!

Was just sent a MF worksheet from the dealer, claiming 0.00034 MF.

Look like the 33 month lease at 0.00023 MF would be the best deal - please correct me if I am wrong!

According to that sheet, 39 is the best by about 15 bucks a month.

CAF (Chase) MF is best but they do not allow lease transfer if that is a consideration

Ended the deal, new one this time @

MSRP: 50,564
REBATES: 4,175

TERM: 33 months
RATE: .00023
RES: 56%

TDAS: 1,500

pm me your name, phone number, address and I can shoot over some numbers on a car down here in MD if you’re interested.

She got the car, are you a broker or dealer?

Is this a good deal?