2018 Q50 3.0t Luxe - First Lease Ever - Howd I do?

Stumbled across your website when reading on Reddit. Spent the last 2 days educating myself with all the info on LeaseHackR.

This morning I shot off 2 emails to different dealerships & waited for their reply. I provided them with the stock # of the car I was interested in. Shortly after both dealerships responded. That’s when I went in for the kill with the knowledge I’ve gained from LeaseHackR.

All it took was my initial email, their reply, my counter, their lets meet in the middle, my no thx I’m firm, their reply “I’ts a Deal” when can you sign. Start to finish was 2 hours.

The details:
Arizona - Scottsdale
10k / 39 mo / 56%
MSRP $51,700
Sales Price $42,647 (18% off MSRP)
MF .00003
Doc Fee $449
Acq Fee $700
License/Registrat. Fee: $719.86

Monthly Payment $399.95
Out of pocket I paid $1600 for registration + doc fee + first months payment.

How’d I do experts?

Nice deal, I like. Solid deal from Arizona where deals normally suck. (I live in az)

Thx for the feedback.