2018 Q50 3.0 Luxe deal, thoughts?

I feel like this is decent but from what I’m seeing here maybe it can be better.

2018 Q50 3.0 Luxe w/ Essential and Pro assist package. 39 months/ 10,000 mi per year

Selling price:
Drive off:

Anyone think this could be any lower? It seems pretty good to me so far but I feel like I’ve seen so many people here with super nice Q50 deals.

Better deal than Ive been offered… My dealers seem dumbfounded when i tell them it should be under 400 a month

Good to know… If they’re offering anything significantly over 400 they’re crazy though. Unless for some reason Infiniti sells really well in your area

This was one dealers offer on a lux. They claim to be an honest dealership so they give their best offer first and don’t negotiate after that.

Whenever you finalize your deal, give them a shoutout with your contract (hide the extra personal info) :wink:

A dealer gave me a quote for 325 with tax and 1500 drive off. Which would be around 363 zero down and that was not his final offer. He is ready to go down to 350-355 as well. The car is exactly same as yours. So you still have some room to negotiate.
I am just waiting for a good deal on S90 and Q50 is a fall back option.


What state are you in?

In NY, I’ve visited 3 dealerships. The BEST I was offered:

For 2018 Q50 3.0 Luxe with Essential
$419 per month (taxes rolled into the payment)
Only first month and DMV due at signing
39/15K per year.

For 2018 Q50 3.0 Luxe with Essential and Pro Assist, $439.

I feel like the numbers on here are so much lower, not sure exactly how to negotiate.

I was offering the 3 liter luxe with essential package for $355 a month with first month, bank fee and dmv due at signing for 15k miles. There is room on what you’re getting. Happy to help you pick up a new car, so please feel free to dm me.

I am in IL.

I feel like you can definitely do better as I feel like some people have been closer to $350 on this car.

I got a 2018 Q50 Luxe 3.0T with Essential and Pro Assist Packages (MSRP $45k) 39/12k…true $0 sign and drive…$389/mo, includes tax. Disclaimer: that was with VPP pricing. Without VPP it probably would have been about $40 more per month.

Thanks RTB for the help! Your calculation is spot on.

Do you have VPP? (20)

Don’t believe so. I assume that VPP is Nissan’s employee program. Correct?

I mean the OP. You are pretty good without it, the cheaper one probably closer to 405.

No I don’t have VPP.

FYI if anyone in IL Chicago area is interested in this let me know and I can send you dealer/salesman info.

I was thinking about signing until I ran insurance quotes and for me the Q50 is insane jump in insurance compared to other cars I’m looking at, so no deal here.

Looks like a good deal, can you please PM me the dealer/salesman information for this Q50.

Got the dealer info on that? Im also in Illinois

Sorry I’m way late on this. The dealer is Hoffman Estates Infiniti.