🚀 2018 Porsche 718 Cayman Base 6 speed manual $71k MSRP $582/month ! 30 months remaining! $4000 Down payment required!


Pending sale thanks for looking


Curious about the booster seat in the front…


I’d imagine either small child or very short wife.

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This is the best Cayman deal in LH history.

Someone is getting an insane deal!

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I agree, the only other cayman deals I’ve seen were just above 800 a month with drive offs. This is a great deal.


I wonder what @discountsales2020 could be replacing it with :pizza:

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I’m not saying I disagree, but that’d be a lot of pizza


Everything my friend Dan said in the OP is correct apart from the fact ‘That he would keep the car till the end of the lease’

I think that is not possible with his attention span for a new car and his abilities to keep finding great deals.

I thought he would keep it at least one summer but someone on LH can get a great car without doing much work and that too a Porsche whose deals are not dime and dozen.

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keeping it close to the vest right now until it’s finalized, but this certain broker keeps feeding my sickness! The next one I will try to keep for longer than 3 months, but if he comes out with another amazing deal, all bets are off!



My word, I must be entering MLC early to even be entertaining this, must resist!

GLWT on this smoker, OP!

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Someone needs to take this deal 100%

It’s the best deal we’ve seen in 5 months on a Porsche!

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closed pending sale