2018 or 2019 Ford Explorer Limited [Houston]

Does anyone have updated numbers for November 2018 on these models?

Emailed a dealership on a 2019 Ford Explorer Limited and this is what I received back -

MSRP: $48,930.00
Initial Cap Cost: $47,000.00
RV: 54%
APR: 1.8000%
MF: 0.00075 (updated)
Monthly Payment: $632.60

Seems pretty high.

It seems high because they are probably rolling everything into your payment, I think your MF is wrong, check edmunds for MF/RV/incentives for Houston, ask the dealer for a full breakdown, MSRP/Sales price before incentives etc…ask about tax credits if there are any available.

Thanks @macdonaldj2. I’ll give it a shot. MF definitely seems high. I corrected it. It’s the APR divided by 2400 right?

Unless you have employee pricing, these things don’t seen to lease very well. Allot nicer cars out there for that kind of payment, it’s getting a little long in the tooth too.

@joeblogs any suggestions on a comparable SUV w 3 rows? 3 kids

The standard suggestion on here is the QX60 but depends on your feeling about Car Play/Android auto etc. Also check GM’s Acadia/Traverse/etc or the VW Atlas, that’s all I think of right now. There has been a few good deals on Highlander’s posted too.

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In case this helps…We have a 2016 Explorer Platinum trim and a 2017 Acadia Denali trim. Acadia leased waaay better, and is way more fuel efficient (dramatically). Explorer feels way faster though.

We have 2 kiddos in car seats. One rear facing, other forward facing. The act of placing kids into those car seats shows how superior the packaging is on the GM SUVs of this class. Set them into the car seat vs painfully folding them through the door. Hard to explain. Drivers seat can be put nearly all the way back and not smash into a rear-facing seat in the GMC. I hate driving the Explorer for that reason. CANNOT wait to give that thing back. Didn’t realize how bad the Ford was till we lived with the GMC for a week.

Both have been 100% reliable. Both cars have ceiling mounted vents, so that your rear-facing kiddos actually get A/C in the summer. Strangely, to cut costs hoping you won’t notice until it’s too late, most OEMs skip that feature in this size class.

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Seems like dealers in Texas don’t know how to works leases, but at the numbers your being quoted your paying msrp for the truck. If you finance you can get them down ~10k

Here are updated #s for December for 2019 Ford Explorer Limited-

Any thoughts on this deal?

Actually, I was able to get the following offer in an email

MSRP $48810.00


REBATE $ 2500.00


PAYMENT $492.25 x 39 MONTHS



How do I lock this deal in? What type of assurance should I be asking for from the dealership so I don’t waste my time going there and them changing up the offer once I arrive? Is there another type of form I should be asking for?


Go down to clear lake and get a qx60 from the infinti dealer there. They were running tax breaks. A ford for ~620 a month isn’t a good deal.

^ No tax breaks on any of their SUVs, except the QX80

For that money you should be able to get much nicer car or get a comparable vehicle for $300-$350 a month what should save you $3600 annually or $10800 over the next 36 month.

Thanks @chi. wound up passing on this deal.