2018 or 2019 Discovery Sport

Getting the run around with Land Rover, I heard this is common. I sent the dealer their advertised lease special of the Discovery Sport SE:$258/ 33 months 3,995 DAS. It works for me but they obviously don’t have that car in stock. I told them to find the closest one, discount it to match the one advertised and I would have no problem with the $3,995 at signing. Of course they tell me its not that simple. I basically want to be prepared with any incentives I am not aware of or hiw much I can expect to get off the MSRP. Always want me to come down to the dealer first, which I never do. Is that standard for Land Rover, and should I go down to make them aware I am serious. ANY help is greatly appreciated.

I am in southern NJ but willing to travel


Why on earth would you want to put $4000 down? That is absolute insanity. The advertised deal isn’t even a good deal. It sucks, so you lucked out.

Shop the QX50 for a great lease on a midsize crossover.

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All dealers have this type of leader ad item.
The fine print says it does not include taxes and fees.
Expect the real actual monthly to be about $100 more than the advertised number…

Putting $4K down is not smart.

Shop around dealers and get a better deal on the car you want instead of a base stripped Discovery Sport.

The 2018 will be a better bargain now thru the end of the year.

Thanks 4sallypat.
I know it’s a gimmick but when they ask me “where I want to be” that’s what I showed them as a starting off point…

Thanks for the reply. I know not to put money down on a lease. I was on here last month ,and thanks to everyone in here, I got a great deal on a XC60 with no money down, just MSD.

I am strictly looking at the monthly payment this time, I wouldn’t be able to afford such a car without the DP

That does not make sense. If you can afford the down payment, you can afford to put the down payment in a bank and make the higher monthly payments. The total price does not change.

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Makes sense to me, not the wife, lol. She is only looking at monthly budget for our 2nd car, as much as I try to convince her otherwise.

I guess you can structure the lease any way you want to satisfy personal preferences.

The larger issue is that the actual DAS isn’t going to be what’s in the ad, because the ad has all this fine print about taxes and fees. The DAS in ads usually just include only first, acq and CCR.

Isn’t their advertised car a bone stock SE for that price and also 5k miles or 7500 miles right? or was it $43k msrp? It’s also sometimes a loaner or one specific car. Might have a specific VIN and everything. Dealerships do this but they never have that car or they had 1. This is an ok deal assuming $37k msrp. much better at 43k msrp. assuming all fees are covered in that $4k you’re looking at basically $380/month plus tax so ~$420 with the 4k rolled in instead of paying it up front. If that $4k is only used for cap reduction then that makes the deal way more luke warm because you then have other fees and taxes to pay on top of $380 plus tax.

What did they offer you on another car? When I got my Disco Sport the discount % I was going to get on a $43k MSRP SE carried over to the 51k MSRP HSE that I ended up getting. Like obviously they weren’t going to sell me a car that costs $8k more than what the $43k car costs for the same price. That’s just bad business but keeping that 12% definitely helped.

On 2018s a few dealers were giving 8-9% max and one dealer came in at 12% off. I tried to get others to match or beat it but they refused. Expand your search area. I expanded my search area and when I found the 9% off I told this dealership that was close-ish to me about it and they countered with 12% off. No real incentives on these cars. There was a $400 incentive for the HSE when I got mine but dealer claimed it was part of the 12% off and for $400 I wasn’t going to fight them on it. And yes you read that correctly $400 with only two 0s.

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Thanks for the insightful and well thought out answer. They haven’t come back with an offer yet. You think it’s possible to get 12% or were you in a unique situation?