2018 Nissan Murano Platinum AWD

Wanted to share what I was able to negotiate:

Dealership ZIP: 60048
MSRP: $44,825

I don’t have all the breakdowns, as I wasn’t able to trade my car in at a fair price to them. However, for a lease with no trade in, I would have walked out with:

$464 (includes WI tax) a month for 36 months, with the 1st month of $464 down + license plate transfer fee of around $109 (not sure how this breaks down exactly.)

So basically:
2018 Murano Platinum AWD
$44,825 MSRP
$3450 lease cash / .00016MF /49% RV
$464 per month for 36m/15k (includes WI tax)
$573 drive-off (includes first month, 35 payments remaining).

Hope this helps people.


Did this deal have VPP? Any idea what selling price of vehicle was?

No, I didn’t not get the breakdown since I walked away due to disagreement on the trade value.

any reason why you’re looking at the Murano when you can get a sweet deal on the Infiniti QX60 right now?

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Great point. Currently shopping for my in-laws. They have driven my wife’s QX60 and think its too big - but it does fit in their garage. Right now they are stuck on the Murano and Forrester. I am pushing QX50/QX60. Unfortunately, leather (or fake leather) and sunroof are a must, so they need a higher trim of the Murano which really changes the cost equation. [Their current vehicle is a 16 yr old Sebring convertible which has been in the shop once a month for the past 2 years. They also are fixated on buying a brand with a local dealership presence, even though the new vehicle will be in once a year. Nissan/Subaru are 10 min away, Infiniti is 30 min away.]

Murano Platinum has much more equipment than a QX60 pure that’s technologically outdated in my opinion.
With that being said, I don’t think the Murano Patinum is a great of value unless you can get VPP and a big discount.

I agree, but my in-laws are in their 80s, do not own a computer, tablet, or have an internet connection. Only just now have a smartphone because their flip phone went through the washer and the replacement offering didn’t work right. The concern about a nearby dealer is because they were afraid all the “computer stuff” in the car would fail often and need to be in for service. The QX60 has far more technology than they need (and the Platinum package of the Murano or the Essential trim of the QX50 are way overkill). Will focus on the SL Murano as that has leather and sunroof.

i think the SV might also have leather, not sure…maybe worth looking into…slightly cheaper

Hi, what’s the current MF, residual and lease or loyalty credits for 2018 Murano Platinium 36K/12K Zip 34233.


you can ask here