2018 Nissan Leaf lease transfer $300/mo+tax + $2,000 down 30 mo remaining

Hi All. Posting my 2018 Nissan Leaf up for transfer. There are 30 months left on the lease at $326/mo! It is an SV trim with tech package. Asking for $2k down as we’ll see link for swapalease listing. Currently have 6k miles so far so still will get an average of 1k miles per month as it’s 12k/year.

Effective payment of $400 a month with the 2k down for a Nissan Leaf. That’s just not going to work on this forum. Best of luck on swapalease!


Update your title with the amount due to you in the title.

Sorry new to this. Does that look better now?

Why you transferring out of it? Have you tried Carvana or Vroom? I sold a Leaf mid lease to Carvana and came out well ahead because of all the lease cash it had.

Thanks I have not tried them but will inquire. I changed jobs and my commute is very far now so it’s basically outside of the range with no on site charging at the new company! So it’s making the commute quite treacherous.

Patrick: residual value plus remaining payments equals payoff amount. What is your payoff amount? Now add $2k to that figure and what does it equal? $22,500 is my guess. The Nissan dealers are so awful in San Diego you might try listing it for purchase. The $2500 CA climate credit is also gone which is making folks think twice about purchasing from a dealer right now

Something to keep in mind is Nissan keeps the original leasee liable should payments not get made after you transfer. You may want to see if a dealer would bite on a trade in for it for whatever car you want next.

I don’t know if this would sell here even at $0 down, this may be high for even SAL. Good luck!

Any chance you could get new company to install some chargers? There’s usually incentives for companies to offer that which offset the cost of installation.

Even if they may add a charger i bet the biggest issue is the miles. He said that his 150 mile range is not cutting it anymore so he is looking at over 30k miles per year.