2018 Mini Countryman | Advice

Hi fellow hackers! In the process of negotiating my first lease

State: MA
Vehicle: 2018 Mini Countryman S All4 w/ Tech Package
Lease term: 36/10K
MSRP: $34,000
Vehicle Price: $30,000 ($1,500 manufacturer incentives + $2,500 dealer discount)
MF: 0.00202 (seems really high despite Tier 1 credit)
Residual: 60%
Downpayment: $2,000
Total Fees: $1,000
Monthly pmt w/tax: $338

This is an early offer I received. Feel like I’m getting shafted on the MF - dealer insists thats the base rate and they can’t go lower. There isn’t any up to date information on Edmunds regarding MF, unfortunately. I would like to drive down the sales price as much as possible too - just not sure how much :slight_smile:

Any advice on where I could push further in my negotiations would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Where are you located (20)?

I live in Boston (20 chars)

My brother, who coincidentally works for Mini (works in Southern California now), got a steal on his first one at Herb Chambers Mini Boston (he didn’t work for mini at the time). I’d see where they are at. If you wanted to come down to NJ I could help you out.

Thanks for the tip! I was planning on hitting up Herb Chambers tomorrow. They’ve been unwilling to give me any numbers via email, so hopefully I can get a competitive offer.

I’m new to leasing - how would it work if I leased in NJ, regarding taxes, delivery, etc. Definitely interested if I can get a deal

Okay checked the people that work there, his guy left. However, the manager that he also went through is still there. More recently, he said south shore had some good deals.

Taxes would be your MA tax, you’d have to pick it up in NJ though.

… and pay you



Thanks nyc! I’ll give Herb Chambers a go - hopefully get a decent offer.

If not, I’ll definitely reach out to you about deals in NJ