2018 Mini Cooper Countryman S JCW All4 fully loaded lease swap SOCAL

My friend who is going back to England has a 2018 Black on Red All4 John Cooper Works Countryman (https://www.motortrend.com/news/2018-mini-john-cooper-works-countryman-all4-powerful-jcw-ever/) only has 6.5K miles on a 30 month lease. 20 months remaining which leaves over 23K miles left. She was leasing way too much ($585 after LA taxes) but willing to give lease take over person $2K and pay for transfer fees ($545). Makes payments less than $499 after taxes for a fully loaded Mini valued over $48K. She even put over $4K down. The lease transfer process should take less than two weeks once you fill out the online form.
It is black on red and really fast (has Recaro suede, leather, and cloth-like seats and fully loaded). The exhaust notes are awesome (sounds better than an infinit Q60). She also was leasing a X5E and has less than 10 months left but her payments were terrible so my friend is storing and she is still paying monthly (what a waste!). If you are interested I can send pics since I just spent the last fives hours getting the car detailed (it was her daily driver with two kids). The MSRP of the Mini was over $48K and it came with probably every option and looks great. In fact, if I where to drive a mini this is the one I woudl drive .

Suggest you sweeten incentive, Payment way too high for anyone hacking a lease here

Payment isn’t that high for that car… Maybe for the people here but not for the car.

JCWs notoriously don’t lease well

Is that a story about your friend and her car, or a lease transfer offer? If latter, why don’t you put in the standard format: MSRP, monthly, miles, pics, etc?

Thanks I will. Yes it is a lease transfer offer.

The problem with this car is the rarity for lease or lease swap. There isn’t any out there. A regular mini S with leather is about $400 bucks a month with $1999 down. This lease swap includes tax and $2K plus she will take over lease swap fees.

The lady who wants to lease swap is motivated and just upped the incentive to $5K which brings down the payment to $399 for a $47,600 rare fully loaded mini cooper works countryman all4.

Is your friend still trying to lease swap?

I don’t know. After she didn’t want to sell it to a couple in SF, I dropped off in her storage area (covered) and never brought up again. If you want please email Nathan (nathan-mac@hotmail.com) and ask the status.