2018 Mercedes GLE 350 12k/36mo $1500 down $987/mo

MSRP: $65,220
Sales Price: $61,467
TT&L: $5,728
Residual: %55
Money Factor: 0.00141
36 Months - 12,000 Miles - $1,500 Down: $987 Payment

Hi! I’m trying to lease a 2018 GLE with the Premium 3 package. The taxes don’t work well in Texas but this seems a tad high. Can you please take a look and advise on where there may be room to negotiate. Thanks!

Call an Uber and get out of there quick. Leave your trade-in there and family also if you have to.


With that price tell them to add in a GLA too

Yes :slight_smile: I guess the question is does the vehicle just lease badly or do I need to push on the msrp …from Edmunds it appears the money factor is lower as well …though the info is not Texas specific. thanks

Do some research on line before posting this…I’d like to keep my breakfast down this morning!

A good rule of thumb on leasing is the 1% rule…take drive offs (which should be zero ideally) plus all payments…divide by months in lease…if it’s 1% or less of vehicles MSRP, then it’s generally a good car to lease (but not necessarily a good deal…often you can go much lower).

So for this car, zero drive off, it should be in the $650-700 month zone…although I think Texas makes you pay taxes on the entire car, which would bump the payment a bit.

If you pass on this deal let us know so someone else can take advantage of the savings.


Thanks…yes understand the 1% rule in general. For this particular car and manufacturer, I was trying to figure out where the levers are. The actual money factor appears to be lower ( from edmunds)… however in order to get to $600-$700 … from the calculator it appears the discount on MSRP needs to be 13-14% instead of the 6% being offered. I will counter with that but would appreciate any insight into if such discounts are available on this particular car.

Tbh I would go to another dealer. Any dealer that offers you a car at this much of a cost you should not give them your business under any circumstance.

The best way to get a deal or negotiate the best deal is to start by emailing dealers and set your terms or hire a broker. If they sent you this offer through email again tell them you are no longer interested.

Yes on a car like this you should get the price down 15% in reality.

The mf will always be marked up unless you go in saying something like. Another dealer quoted me this… mf xxx residual 36/12 xx% and a sale price of $xxxxx. They key to this is to get a ton of quotes and keep leveraging the best quote you get to each place and telling them you want to beat that quote.

Yes thanks…exactly the confirmation I needed…I talked to the 3 dealers in Houston and they all seems to be in the silly range… will counter now.

Advise: look for a demo that is priced right and use a fleet incentive to further get you a discount. Research to find the MF and the residual and go from there. Arm yourself with knowledge.

prepare to expand your search farther out if the saving makes up for the distant.

Also, I’ve seen some dealers give tax credits in Texas. You should also try to get that in addition to more off the MSRP.

The GLE is very dated now, so they would have to be discounting heavily to compete. Other option is to look at a BMW X5.

Here are some loaners in California by comparison…

Wait until winter.

I got the Brand New GLE 2017 (Last Year) MSRP was $63k and sales price was $50k.

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Thanks Alex and Mung35.
Got a predictably not super happy response from the dealer(s) so I guess we’ll see. This is the one whose numbers were actually worse than what I posted.

i’ll follow up on the california loaners … worst case can ship or drive.

thanks all.

I think taxes are better in Texas no? Buy from CA and register under Texas? Or I could be mistaken for a different state. I know some investors who buy a small home in low tax states and register their car or other large items under that home.

Texas is awful - full sales tax on sales price of car capitalized at point of sale…

Interesting- they have a lot of business flockin there though- Corporate taxes is super attractive. Rentals are 1% of home value.

I was in the bay area before coming to Texas …
California bay area : $1+MM house … Prop. Tax ~$14k 3000 sq ft ( East Bay) 9% State tax
Rented a 3000 sq ft house for $3800/mo … now would go for $4500.

Houston: $600k house … Prop. Tax ~$18k 5000 sq ft house. 0% State Tax.
Mortgage Payment: $2000.

For a $250k income, … the state tax saving is …say $23k.

Reality is salaries do not drop by the 60%+ cost of living difference.

So you have an extra $3-4k per month easy…which is 2 leased his and her Bentleys or 1 Bentley and 1 Rolls lease hacked. (bringing it back to cars)

However … it is Houston …not San Francisco.

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