2018 mercedes c300

Hi all, I just wanted to get your opinion in regards to a deal for a 2018 c300

MSRP: $43750
SALE PRICE: $35364
10 MSD $4500
drive off fee $2500
monthly payments $396.20 includes tax
36 months\12k

link to the car: http://www.keyesmercedes.com/inventory/new-vehicles/vehicle/55SWF4JBXJU241484/2018-Mercedes-Benz-C-Class-Van-Nuys-CA

This will include the pay off my current 2015 kia optima last 10 payments of $223.

Im in socal california just an FYI

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That’s a great discount off list on a new 2018. But with those figures, I am getting low 300s a month on leasehacker calculator . What are they charging for money factor, acquisition fee and doc fee?

Something doesn’t add up please post the mf and if you can the full break down.

without the return of my old lease just the monthly payments tax included it would be $338. I was told security deposit drops to $4k and the MF is 00124

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Thats a Great Discount on a 2018!
But the payment is wayyy off. Must be what you owe on your old lease and why is the Drive off 2500!?

I have gotten new 2017 C300s to just 18.8% off so this is pretty good

Given the cost of exiting the Kia lease as part of the MB deal, why not just exit privately?

That’s a great deal! Any chance you could PM me the saleperson info? My friend is looking for a 2017 or 2018 C300 as well, but with a few extra features (Nav + Keyless entry/start + Panoramic sun roof). She’s in LA so this would be perfect. Thanks!

I decided to go this route instead. I will be returning the Kia separately.

Thanks for the details @xio. What did your breakdown come out to without the Kia included in the mix?

Thanks again @xio for the info! Called him and he quoted about 18% discount as well. I’m not sure if the #s add up. The leasehackr calculator doesn’t work for me when I’m at work. He quoted me:

~$44k msrp
~$36k sales price
36 month/12k miles
60% residual
MF 0.00124 (I’m not sure if that’s before or after the MSDs + autopay)
MSDs = $4500
$2500 drive offs (first months payment + fees)
Tax rate is 8.75% (Socal)

Monthly payments are $356/month. I have no idea if that calculates out correctly. Thoughts?

Using the LH calculator, I get about those numbers with 0 drive off. What is included in the 2500 drive off other than 1st month?

Thanks! I’m actually not sure what the breakdown is for the 2500.

Deleted- thank you, all.

here is the breakdown i have
msrp 43750
sales price 35285.10
first monthly 338
capitalized cost reduction 463.75
acquision fee 1095
sales tax 50
security deposit 4k
registration fee 112
license fee 250
processing fee 80
filing fee 29
california tire fee 7

Great deal and great discount on MSRP though I would tell them to shove the “capital cost reduction” aka down payment.