2018 Mercedes-Benz GLC 300, MSRP $48xxx, $751/month + transfer fee

2018 Mercedes-Benz GLC 300 RWD
White Exterior/Black Interior
Panoramic Sunroof
Burmester Premium Audio
AMG Appearance Package w/ 20" Multi Spoke Wheel
Night Package
Sport Steering Wheel
LED Projectors
Android Auto/Apple Carplay
Satellite Radio
Blind Spot Monitoring
Ceramic Tint
All weather mats + original carpeted mats
Transferable Tire & Wheel Protection Package
Maintenance - Up to date
Mileage 20,400
MSRP: $48,845
Original Term: 36 months (3/28/18)
Term Left: 20 months (3/28/21)
Miles/Year: 15K (45,010 end of term mileage)
Payment: $751/mo
Requires credit approval via Mercedes-Benz Financial
1st Payment due upfront $751
Transfer fee $595 + tax unless CA or WI which goes up to $695 + tax
West Texas - El Paso


$751 plus transfer fees is pretty steep. I would recommend giving some incentive money.

Good luck with transfer, you’ll need to offer a huge incentive to get someone to bite at that payment.

Never have I done a lease transfer…how do incentives work?

I see some super low payments here…next time I lease, I will definitely take over for someone else.

You basically offer someone to pay them for taking over your lease. As your payments are pretty high.

Your best bet is SAL, no chance anyone is taking that one over here.

Thanks I appreciate it! Worth a shot anyways…

Oh god. You got hosed on that deal. Post on swapalease

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Terrible deal. I hope you were upside down a lot on the previous car. Looks like $200+ a month extra over a new one