2018 Mercedes-Benz GLA Service Loaner - Looking for Advice

Helping a friend with a Mercedes GLA Quote. Looking for feedback on the following:

2018 Mercedes GLA 250 Service Loaner:

MSRP $36,345.00
Selling price $31,936.51
Residual $20,561.60 (43% of MSRP)
Money factor : .00007
Current Mileage: 4,800
$350/mo due at signing , everything else rolled into cap cost

I’ve been pushing for 0 DAS but they’re insistent on at least the first payment. A couple things i’ve noticed and looking for verification…

  1. The RV looks to be off, shouldn’t it be 57% not 56%? Also MF should be .000069, not sure if the rounding is that significant?

  2. Acq fee is way off, shouldn’t this be $795? I’m also not seeing registration or doc fees

  3. The accessories is for the 2 Year maintenance plan at $975, is this correct?

  4. I tried matching the worksheet to the calculator and have come close but not getting the exact numbers to match: LeaseHacker Quote

Attached is the current worksheet for review. Any help is greatly appreciated! Frequent lurker, first time poster.

The acquisition fee is definitely marked up. Also, you have to lower the residual because of the mileage already on the vehicle. The money factor rounding is the difference between an interest rate of .168% and .166%.

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Thanks for verifying

I wouldn’t bother with that part as it only amounts to a few cents. I’d definitely push for the base acquisition fee though. I’d check the forums and see what percentage discounts others were getting on loaners.

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Thanks, I forgot to mention we ended up closing the deal after finding out the dealer marks up the acquisition fee to $1095 and wouldn’t budge They were also showing the doc fee of $80 in that acq price which is why it was higher.

Ended up getting $349 including tax and 2 year maintenance plan, all with 0 DAS.