2018 Mercedes-Benz E400 Coupe Leasing Advice Needed

These are finally hitting dealers as MBUSA has released them for sale.

Was originally looking for an E43, but got sick of the nonexistent inventory resulting in minuscule discounts. The few dealers I spoke with were giving me numbers that were borderline S-class money. Ended up killing that idea.

A few weeks later, I saw a 2018 E400 coupe with manufacturer plates parked on the street and was really impressed. Based on the little info I have been able to scrape together so far, it is looking like these will not lease well. Most likely due to the old early adopter tax.

Nonetheless, I put a deposit on one that is currently on its way across the Atlantic. That car in particular has a MSRP of $72,900.

Wondering if anyone has any experience on trying to bag one of these. e.g. what kind of realistic discounts/incentives are people seeing?

Located in NorCal.

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Great car, good luck with your deal!

May I ask you what was the offer for E43 that dealer gave you?

Little discount if any on the coupe plus lower residual.


Don’t have all of the details but here’s what I was getting for the E43:

MSRP: $82,900
Selling Price: $81,900 (pitiful, ha ha)
MF: .00099 (.00089 with auto pay)
Term: 36
Mileage: 10,000
RV: 59%
Drive off: ~$1600
Payment: $1085 excl tax

Because there were 2 cars in the area in June, I was forced to go outside my normal go-to dealers as nobody would trade them. That contributed to my lack of patience on that car, ha ha.

I drive a C450 now, don’t know if I’ll call it a hacked deal, but I pay $690 including tax and maintenance. The E is a bigger car with a little more gadgetry, in the end, I couldn’t justify making the switch.

I am guessing the e400s coupe lease numbers aren’t going to be pretty, but I’m still holding out hope I can get a significant discount.

Yeah, thats what I’m thinking as well. Do you happen to know the July residuals/MF program for the RWD coupes?

Edmunds had the numbers for a 4matic (36/12): .00060 and 54%

Typically the 4matics have a few % points higher than the RWD. If thats the case here, its gonna be a bloodbath. lol

The MF and RV are pretty good. So you will need to wait patiently until they start discounting. I am betting on December as the time when they will have rebates and discounts on 2017 E43.

For everyone’s reference, I was able to find the MF and RV for a 2018 E400 RWD Coupe:

.00069 and 55%(36/10K)
.00069 and 56%(36/7500)

Not great by any means. It’s all gonna hinge on what they are willing to do on these which I don’t have any real data yet.

I’m gonna put my $ on barely any discount

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For a sedan that’s a great RV number actually! For a benz that is even more impressive @1.7% APR.

Depends on how the middle-class tax cuts come along :slight_smile: If the average 100k earner makes a 2k yearly tax savings, they will be flying off the shelves at MSRP lol

If I’m not mistaken- those are AMG built and tend to get pretty low residuals, low inventory, and for some odd reason people are willing to pay for AMG. Hard negotiation. What’s the best offer you’re currently getting @kwh ?

@Alex On the E43, I couldn’t find anyone willing to do better than $1k off MSRP. Doesn’t help that there’s 2-3 of them in CA. The dealer closest to me will only sell it at MSRP.

Was able to negotiate down to invoice on a P3 equipped E400 RWD coupe. Pretty happy with that being that the car is brand new. I am close to pulling the trigger pending getting payoff for my trade in. So far we are $2k apart, pretty sure I can get payoff on it. We’ll see

No surprise. They keep AMG vehicles at low supply - the only time I would see a discount is year end. The most you would save is if MB is doing a pay off 3 or 4 months of your lease promotions. One other option is to shop this guy here https://www.mblaguna.com/staff/bernie-mendez/

Don’t expect a huge discount- but he pulls through with something less from the people I sent over to him. Also sent you a pm if you decide to shop with Bernie.

I took delivery of my E400 in October. 4matic, P3, AMG Kit, 19" AMG Wheels and multicontour seats.

Before you slaughter my deal…let me speak my peace! It’s a company car and I wanted to just get it over with and rack up some deductions for the year. I didn’t feel like haggling for 6 months till I could get a leasehackr score of 7428. Not a lot of dealer support on these and awful residual of 54%. Hard to even find one to test drive in my area so I ended up using a lease broker.

MSRP 78,535
Sales Price 69,000 and change
my payment is 796 36/10k
I paid acquisition, tax, tags and doc fees up front, so around 3500k.

Not going to qualify for leashackr deal of the year, but every dealer in the tri-state area could barely beat this deal on a P1 equipped car stickering at 69 or 70k. I ended up getting every option I wanted and the price was in the ballpark of what I was willing to pay. The car is beautiful and everything I wanted. Sure I will get a much better deal in 3 years when it’s mid cycle refresh time.

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Then there’s not much to say but congratulations on a BEAUTIFUL car!
Add some pictures to the Trophy thread so we can all enjoy it :slight_smile:

Also, just to clarify, this is the '18 model right?

Thanks :wink: Yes it’s a 2018.

I saw a 2018 P2 equipped E400 4matic on swapalease for $1090 a month and they had a cap cost reduction. Now that’s a bum deal!

Im in SOCAL and looking to lease a 2018 E400 Cab. Your discount looks pretty solid as I would shoot for the same ballpark I suppose. Hopefully a little less since we are talking winter event now. Where did you get yours and could you message me over your contact potentially?


Hey Scott! I am also looking for. 2018 E400 CAB. Max discount I am receiving is 7k…Can you let me how you did? Thanks! Aaron

Hi Aaron, the most I’m getting is 7500-8k from SOCAL to Nor cal. All through email phone text. I believe the most aggressive deal will have to happen on site for let’s make a deal now scenario. But I’m thinking that to expect anymore than 10% off isn’t likely.

Hi all, thanks in advance for your feedback!

I am looking at a 2018 E400 coupe that’s a loaner with 2,500 miles on it. Can the experts take a look at this pricing and let me know if this is a good deal or I should shoot for more? Is 8.2K a good enough discount for a loaner with miles on it? I am getting offers for new coupes for $7K but the lease payments are coming out to be higher (I’m guessing due to additional fees).

This is in the bay area, if that helps.

MSRP: $71,210
Sales price: $62,981
Residual: .56
Cash (drive off): 5,000
Rebate: 0
Govt Fees: 745.75
Taxes: 2278.75
Doc Fee: 80
Monthly (36 months, 7,500 miles per year): 708.74

MF: 0.00069

I’ve had two dealers (one in Des Moines, IA and one in Chicago) offer me 12% off MSRP for non-loaners, so you probably have some room on the sale price.