2018 Mercedes Benz C350e lease $3k drive-off $353/mo

Need feedback on this potential lease please.

New 2018 C350e MSRP: $48895
Total Inception Fees: $3000 (1st month+acquisition+tax+cap reduction+fees)
36/10k $427.73/mo (includes tax)
Disposition: $595

Rest of the details are missing. 1st time Benz seeker. Thanks a lot!

“Break this down.”

Selling price per dealer: $41000.00
MF: .00035
RV: 56%
$3,501 Bonus Cash - 4/30/2018 (Lease Bonus Cash)

Total due=
1st month $427.73
Acquisition $1095
Fees & Insurance $649.75
Upfront Tax $173.74
Cap reduction (Cash) $653.78

Break this down.

What is the selling price?

Find RV and MF on Edmunds forums or ask the dealer.

Find incentives on carjojo and autobytel.

Report back here with all this info.

I’ve updated my post. Please see if there are any missing information. Thanks.

There’s no point in doing the CCR. You should max out MSDs.

Ok, will see what the dealer say. Thanks!

Just to make sure, the selling price excludes the lease incentives? So you are getting about 16% off before incentives?

I doubt it, after using the calculator, I am getting 9%. and a hack score of about 9.7 years.

Guys, I just signed.

MSRP $49425
Selling: $42589 (14%)
Incentive: $3501

Drive off: $3000 (didn’t haggle so you can probably do lower)
Monthly: $353 10k/36


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Can you please provide dealer info etc. I am looking for similar deals in nj

@Jon what’s a CCR? :open_mouth:

I always seen that term thrown around. CCR = Consumer Cash Rebate? I don’t even know. Just straight guessing lol

CCR = Capitalized Cost Reduction aka down payment


Walter’s Mercedes Benz at Riverside, CA. Though all the hybrids are gone.

Walter’s Mercedes Benz at Riverside has two C 350e in stock and will inbound trade to get others. I have talked to a dealer there to get a similar deal. He went radio silence on me today, so I’m going with another dealer.