2018 Mercedes-Benz C300

Hey All,

I am a first-time leaser and want help guiding me into a lease on a C300. I wouldn’t mind a loaner C300 but the first dealership who gave me a quote said MSD’s were not available on loaner cars so he pushed me onto a 2018 C300.

As stated by this dealership:
Fleet discount can be applied to new car. If you do 10 multiple security deposits then the following:
36 months
10k miles per year
$4500 in Deposits and remainder is drive off $978 so total out of pocket = $5478
$357 includig tax per month total if your tax rate is 7.75%
I am offering the new C class at over $6400 off from MSRP.

However, I think this is alright, I’m fine with a loaner, I just would like to have the blind spot assist and maybe heated seats.

I am also open to any other cars, I just had a fleet discount available so I went for this, if there are cars or CUV’s that lease better please do let me know.

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We put MSDs down on an e300 loaner so that’s definitely untrue

Definitely just did MSD on a loaner.

Where are you located?

SoCal - Oceanside, California.

I have one in Norcal, thats below 3. MSRP 46k, loaner. 2018

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Can you pm me details please.

Me? If so Pm me tell me if you have fleet and where you are located.

Hey whenever ur free if u can check ur Facebook thank u

Hey nyclife. If that’s not taken, can you PM me the details please? I’m located at NorCal and I’m interested

Can you please pm me if it’s not taken and has 4matic
I have competitive lease and fleet (ADA)

The MSD amount doesn’t make sense. I thought it was rounded to the nearest $50 (pre-MSD applied price)?

Don’t post the same thing in multiple places

Sorry, I will delete the post on this thread.