2018 Mercedes-Benz C 300

Hi LH community

Thanks for the help, please rate my deal!

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: New 2018 Mercedes-Benz C 300

MSRP: $41,270
Selling Price: $36,900

Acquisition Fee: $1095

Rebates: [None]
Trade-in: [$0]

Months: [36]
Annual Mileage: [10,000]

MSDS: 10 ($5,000 refundable)

Total Due At Signing: $0
Drive-Off $0 (Tax + Acquisition + Fees + Registration rolled in monthly payments)

Monthly Payment (incl. tax): $428

Looks pretty good considering a) it’s not a loaner and b) you rolled in the first month’s payment, acquisition fee, and registration into your monthly payments. Was the only thing paid upfront the $5,000 security deposit?

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I believe the acquisition fee is marked up.

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Average to sub-par deal. Someone I know did 0 down 0 drive off for $429 after tax and no MSD’s, and people here said that that was an average deal… Maybe if you got to like the mid to high 300’s that’d be a good deal, but as long as you’re happy enjoy the car :slight_smile:

I’d say this is a pretty good deal, it’s not a loaner and like @michael stated above you were able to roll everything into the monthly payments. Not everyone qualifies for a fleet discount I guess. What region was this?

10-11% off MSRP. That is not as good as the 15-20% off that we saw at the end of 2017, but of course this is a newer model. As car sales are tanking (will post that in another thread) I would say you are in the drivers seat (pun intended) for negotiations. However best to wait until the end of the quarter when they are really hungry.

As a side note, this must be a pretty stripped model…

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CA, specifically this deal was done in NorCal.

Yea stripped, only addition was Apple Carplay/Android Auto. Has almost everything we need; standard rear view camera, sunroof, Bluetooth, seat w/ memory settings and keyless start. Just missing the seat warmer which they couldn’t find in our configuration…

Surprisingly other dealerships in the area, including some in SoCal wouldn’t even budge on the price and the MB Dealership closest to us wouldn’t even price match so we had to go a little bit further.

It is, but I guess many other dealers do. I think MB’s standard is $795.

Only thing upfront was the $5,000, the MSD that’s refundable. That’s it.