2018 Mercedes-AMG CLA45 - How Much Should I Ask?

I just found this new 2018 CLA45 at a local dealer nearby and it seems to have been sitting there quite a while?

Do you think I could get up to 15-20% off the MSRP and get a steal?

What should I ask for upfront?

The new body style is out now so you should get at least 20% off. Have you tried the back seats?

Also this car is missing the Amg seats.

Did you get the car? I found one near me too. Also trying 18% off

I believe lease support is dead on these. That being said, if you’re buying I would go for at least 20%. No reason you shouldn’t get it based on it being an outgoing model and all the changes made for the new model year.

I want to lease, is 17% off not good?

17 is okay, but if lease support has ended, that means you will be leasing via a third party bank. You will most likely get a better deal on a '19 if that is the case. To be fair, I can’t confirm lease support has ended, but I’m pretty sure it has.

Actually, I just went to Edmunds to check for you and saw that you posted over there already… So…there you go. No official lease support.

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Thank you so much for checking very kind of you dandlewood

Better deal on a '19 from a dealer or bank (MF/RV)?
If it’s from a dealer can you please suggest a dealer or broker on the West coast?