2018 MDX Tech, Deal or no deal

Thinking of doing this, what are your thoughts

2018 MDX Tech Package - $665/month
12k miles
Retail - $51,595
Sale Price $44,566.77
Options - $2,595 (running boards, hitch, roof rails and cross bars)
$0 down
Cap Cost - $51267.38
Residual value - $28,377.25

Thinking of doing the deal as they offered me $13,500 which I will not be using toward a down payment for my 2009 MDX in good condition with 103000 miles on it which I think is pretty great.

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8% off after 2950 in incentives. Pretty good. I know they say to aim for 10%, but I would be happy with 8% off after 2950 in incentives. I’ve been trying to get my wife to the dealership to look at the 2018s. She has a 2016 Tech now. Lease is up in Oct, but Acura is giving us a 3 month pull ahead. With school coming to an end, she’s been super busy.

Do you need all those accessories? Do they add to the RV?

The accessories do not add to the RV. I definitely need the roof rails as we go skiing a lot and it is near impossible to fit my families skis and luggage inside the car. I can get after market crossbars if I need to and the trailer hitch is just a nice to have but not necessary.

Without the accessories the monthly goes down to $583.

Why is the cap cost so high? Do you live in TX and capping taxes?

My 2018 tech was $550 a month with no drive off. Didn’t have these added options though.

Cap costs also includes:
Tax - $3339.21
Doc Fee - $387
MVP Fee - $6.9
Registration - $365
Tire Fee - $7.5

Did you roll tax and reg into your payments or pay them upfront?

He said $0 drive-off, so that means he didn’t pay them upfront.

No deal.

Well over 1%. Probably better off financing for 72 mos and selling after 36. This isn’t a good deal, imo.

What does that mean?

Your monthly payment is more than 1% of MSRP. No bueno.

I am new to leasing so pardon me if this is a silly question, with $0 down if I paid 1% of the msrp after the options I put in my monthly payment would be $541.90. if i multiply 541.90 by 36 ($28,377.25) and add that to the residual value I get $47885.65 which is less than my cap cost.

How would that be feasible?

In order to pay 1% or less of your MSRP as your monthly, they would need to reduce sell price which would therefore reduce cap cost.

Negotiate a better deal (selling price).

Have you shopped your current MDX elsewhere/is that more than it’s currently worth?

This is a good question @FUNK have you taken it to a Carmax for an appraisal/offer? What version of the 09’ do you have? AWD, Tech pack?

yes, went to two places and was offered $7500 and $8500. This dealership says they made a mistake on the value and they were willing to honor it. KBB estimates a range of between $7200 and $9100.

Have not taken it to carmax, but it is AWD with tech package.

This is what NADA says your vehicle is worth. Most banks use NADA (I ran a Fortune 100 financial firm for 4 years) and the trade value of “clean” is typical for vehicles in immaculate shape. If you have so much as paint swirls, it’s average.

That said, you could probably sell private party for $14K. But, if they’re offering $13.5K for trade, they’re not going to discount further on your vehicle sales price.