2018 Mazda Cx-9 Touring Premium 410 per month


Any feedback on a 2018 CX-9 Touring Premium (leather, moonroof, gps, bose) for 410 per month/36 months/15k per year out the door?


Can you post more details like MSRP, selling price, down payment, MSD etc ? Which state ?

MSRP is $39,880. Getting a military incentive (750). Zero down payment and taxes/fees/registration rolled into lease for a total of 420 per month. Residual will be 23529

I feel like you can get a better vehicle for that monthly price. It all depends on if you really like it.

Push for more dealer discount, I have managed 10% off before any manufacturer incentives. There is a lease cash and another Mazda bonus (amount varies by region) included in your sale price. In my zip code (Colorado) they are $1150 combined. It is a decent deal as is but you can safely target $375 with all the fees and taxes rolled in.