2018 Mazda CX-9 Grand Touring

After some discussion with the dealer it’s looking like this for 36mo/12k lease of a 2018 Mazda CX-9 Grand Touring AWD. Any thoughts?

MSRP $43,210
Negotiated Price $41,214
Lease Incentive (from Mazda) $1,080
Bank Fee $595
Doc Fee $499
Lic/Reg $188
Money Factor 0.00161
RV% 63%
Total RV $27,222.30
Gross Cap Cost $42,496.00
Adj Cap Cost $41,416.00
Depreciation Amount $14,193.70
Base Payment (36 mo) $394.27
Rent Charge $110.51
Pre-Tax Lease $504.78
Post-Tax Lease (6.35%) $536.83

Mazda is a pain to lease great numbers but I was offered a gt for 499 tax included in ny a week ago

You should be getting more of a discount than that. I was getting more of a discount on a CX-5

In my initial search I got $499 with zero drive off (NJ tax and fees included) from various NJ and NY dealers for a 2017 model. I decided to move down to the Touring with premium package and managed to snag a 2017 for $400 all in two and a half weeks ago.

Are the extra features on the GT worth $100 extra? That’s 25% more. Another alternative is to try to find 2017 models which will have a better discount.

Oh I was talking 2018 model. For 2017 400 is great

The 2018 CX-9 GT is a great car with some nice updates, especially the full stop radar cruise control and the front parking sensors.

Being a new premium model, it is not cheap to lease, but you’re going to love every mile you drive in it. I looked into leasing a CX-9, but the lease rate was too high, so I waited four months and bought a slightly used 2016 Signature. A year in, I’m still gaga over the silly thing.

Since you live in Connecticut, AWD may be useful, but most of the time it is overkill.

I got similar numbers for the Touring, wondering if anyone did better here in the forum.

Based on my shopping experience with Mazda in NE, I did not find any dealers willing to sell below invoice. The market on the east coast is very different from LA/SF with very few volume-based dealers.

Very few lease incentives on Mazda as well.

Reached out to a few Mazda dealers inquiring about a 2018 GT Touring with AWD. With very little effort, here is the best deal I got so far.

33 months
12k miles
7.25 sales tax

MSRP- $44,145
SP- $40,962
Rebate- $990
Monthly payment including tax-$470
Mf- .00079
First month down

If I decide to get CX9, will probably push for another $1k off.

How much due at signing?

Got the following deal yesterday in socal:

33 months, 10k miles, 7.75% tax
MF: 0.00079
R%: 65%

Model: 2018 Mazda CX-9
Trim: GT
Color: Machined grey
MSRP: 41710
Selling price: 37800
Rebate: 1820 (includes LA auto show promo + lease cash + loyalty)
Monthly: 343 (includes 7.75% tax)
Drive off: 1607 (acq fee + doc fee + lic/reg fee + 1st month + dmv filing fee + tire fee + tax)

Lease hacker score of 10+.

Sorry, but I cannot disclose the dealership information because they went above and beyond to get me this deal.

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Can you provide more details on the LA Auto Show Promo rebate?

Basically the LA auto show rebate became active to some preferred volume dealers as of yesterday.
You just have to mention it to the dealer if they can apply it before end of the month.
The official promo starts early next month.
It should be $500.

Is the LA auto show promo only available in Cali or will NY dealers have it as well?

I think it is a southern California only offer. Wouldn’t hurt to ask the dealers.

Mazda’s Auto Show rebates are local, LA Auto Show rebate will be valid only in California for the week of auto show. I used the same rebate when purchasing my Miata last year…

Newb here
Here’s what i got from a local dealer in Oregon

2018 Mazda CX-9 Grand Touring AWD
Msrp: $ 43,840
Royal Moore Discount $ 2,657 *
incentive: $ 2,500*
Total Discount: $ 5,157 *
Special Price: $ 38,683*

what more information should I ask the dealer to provide?

You need to know MF and amounts DAS (due at signing). For the MF, you can get that by googling “Mazda CX-9 prices paid” and go to the Edmunds forum where the residual values and money factors are posted for just about every car model.

Assuming you are getting the base (Tier 1) MF, then your job is to get “Royal Moore” to give that Discount a bit of a turbo boost. Do it all by email. Good luck.

But or some reason, Mazda left out the 360 camera feature. IMO, for car of this exterior dimension and outward visibility, it is a very useful feature.

The Mazda6 signature has a 360 camera