2018 Mazda CX-5 GT AWD am I missing anything?

Hi All, here is the deal I was able to secure with our current mazda CX-5 lease coming to end. It is a little short of %1 which kind if bugs me but this was the best I could do given the car we wanted color etc.

I am also thinking about getting the wheel/tire protection package which includes curb rash etc. in addition to key replacement and windshield replacement etc. On our last cx-5 we got 2 tires out of it but it was worth for the peace of mind (wife drives the car lol). Adds $24 a month.

Please let me know if I am missing anything and there are any other rebates discounts that I could get like random costco discounts etc.


E-plan Discount:2,286
Loyalty rebate:750
12k/36 mo .00001 MF and %59 residual
$340 final payment
Maintanence included

Including the tire package for 24/mo, that’s not terrible for a CX5 top trim. Mazda’s just typically don’t lease well.

Yep they don’t, tire package will be additional. I am turning in our lease and getting some money back also which helps with the deal.

I wouldn’t do the tire package. Think of it this way -

$24 x 36 - 864. Depending on type of tire - $150 to $200 a tire. Even on the high side, that’s 4 tires. I would suggest saving the $24 and if/when a tire goes, get one from TireRack, get the road hazard protection and you are set for that tire. If it goes, it’s covered.

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Sometimes you can get slightly used OEM tires at very good prices, on Craigslist for example. Some people take off stock tires, put fancier wheels/bigger tires and they get rid of the stock ones. Of course, that means dealing with it, so you trade time cost for $$ savings.

The problem is I don’t really have the time to deal
with that when my wife calls me saying she got a flat and car is towed to the dealer when she has to go
to work the next day. Dealership also charges around $275 per tire and 99% of the time I have to eat that cost. In addition to that curbed wheels lost keys etc could come into play too.

Last 2 leases I had I did not get the full value from what I paid for this kind of protection packages but I also preferred to be over insured and have the convenience I guess.

Sounds like you know what to do then. Pay for the peace of mind, nothing wrong with that. Some people value $ more than time more than peace of mind. Everyone is different which is perfectly fine.

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I was actually going on get some oem matching tires off Cl since tires would need to be replaced at lease return but since they are buying the car as is I am not worried about that anymore.

You are missing a decent discount. I would be looking for 9%-10% off. I regularly get that with my LA dealer.

I am getting employee pricing that sets the price %4 under invoice. Rebates still apply but after contacting bunch of dealerships I found out that “pricing is set” with E-plan. If you can get %10 on a CX-5 that is really good that doesn’t seem to be possible around where I live.