2018 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring(AWD) lease evaluation

Is this a good lease deal?

Car: 2018 Mazda CX-5 Touring(AWD) with the Premium package.
Location: South Bay, California

The lease deal for 10K/ 36 MO (in $):

MSRP: 33910
Sale price: 31160
Dealer discount: 2750
Service Contract: @1195 (Pre-paid maintenance)
Acquisition fee: 595
Rebate: 200
Security deposit: 0
Residual value: 20346

Drive-off: 2000 (includes DMV fees, 1st month’s lease and something else that I can’t recollect at this point)
Monthly lease thereon: $381.90

Is this a decent deal? Is there scope for bringing down the monthly amount on the lease? Since I’m a work visa holder, the dealership was pretty firm on not being able to go any lower on the drive-off (initial quote started at 3k), as apparently Mazda has a requirement for non-citizen work professionals in the US to put down an amount?

Any insights will be super helpful here as it’s my first time leasing a car in the US.

Thanks in advance!

Your situation is unique but this is not a good deal. Are you sold on this car or would you be ok looking at another SUV from a different manufacturer?

Your effective monthly is close to 440 a month. You should be able to get a lot more car for that kind of monthly.

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They’re ripping you off with that $1195 pre-paid maintenance. At the very most, you’ll change oil/filter 4 times in 30K miles. That’s some awfully expensive oil changes & tire rotations.


Skip the service contract. It’s not worth it at that price at all


This “non citizen down required” sounds weird to me. I’ve never heard of anything like that. Even if that’s the case, the monthly should be way way lower. Would you be interested in a rav4 or highlander?

In MA, you can get the highlander XLE for a lot less than what you’re being offered here.

In CA, I think dmv fee is only about $4xx for cars in this price range. First month is $380. Let’s say total is $800. What is the other $1200 for?

Not only are is this package horribly overpriced but does the dealership provide loaners for oil changes. My mother bought a non luxury car with included maintenance (dealership chain offered it) and she ended up never using it. The dealership didn’t do loaners for oil changes and made you wait 1-2 hours. For luxury brands with loaners and super expensive service requirements going to dealership can make sense. For non luxury brands, caveat emptor.