2018 Maserati ghibli SQ4 lease for July 4th

Suggestion required on the following from the experts:
2018 Maserati SQ4
MSRP: 89,420
Internet Price: $69,985
Drive Off: $3200
36Months, 10000 Miles/Yr
Tax: 4% (on full price)
Payment: 760/Mo
I’m trading in a financed car on which I owe about 28K and the KBB private is averaging at 26K (trade in is much worse). The dealer is taking care of the pay off!

The dealer is paying off 2k of your previous lease?

Also, we need all the details. How many miles and months? What trim? What is the MF? etc.

Bummer, missed posting this basic info. Editing the original!

They haven’t provided me with the deal sheet yet as I was undecided and walked out as I was trying to be at 700/Mo!

What dealer


Well… their neighbors!

What dealership are you working with? Anaheim and Beverly Hills I’m guessing?

Sorry, misunderstood! I’m here in DC Metro area!

What dealership my friend. You can PM me if you want. Those aren’t the best numbers but they are at least better starting points then what I’ve gotten in Georgia/Florida.

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Shoot for 25-30% OFF MSRP.

Given, the -ve equity on the trade in (about 2-3k), would you still be at 700/Mo?

you still havent got it yet?

anyway, last year around Nov/Oct, I was quoted 529/month with 4000 down payment (84k MSRP), does not include fees and taxes (which is somewhere around 4-5k in total). so if you consider splitting the downpayment into monthly adding 111, ur at 640 with 4-5k due at signing.

this was 36 months or 39 months at 10k a year.

Nah. My broker has been working past 3 months. But I haven’t gotten any offers. I’m guessing the offers hasn’t been good enough to bring to me.

Basically $793 if you wanted zero drive off.

Not the best deal, I believe the 1% rule is misleading for brands that get so much discount like Maserati.

But for $800 a month… I think you could do better than that. The masers are glorified Chryslers at this point.

Man you still did not get a car? What specification you gave the broker.

Ghibli S with Red interior. That’s it.

And at any price, right? Makes perfect sense - he is useless :grin:

Ask them for a 39 month quote

Let me rephrase. We haven’t gotten any offers that have been good enough or have been leasehacker worthy.

I don’t want anyone taking offense to this post. I’ve been patient and a deal will be coming soon hopefully.