2018 Loaner BMW X1 lease

Hey guys first post here, and pretty new to leasing trying not to get screwed here are the numbers. Is the money factor too high? Should I learn harder on the MSRP? It is a desirable color combo (white on tan). Wife really wanted that new Volvo XC40 but the lease prices were insanity (like $550/mo with $2k down on a $42k truck). Sales person told me that Costco cannot be combined with Corporate discount.

2018 BMW X1 Loaner, 4071 miles

MSRP $40,895
Selling Price $33,522.39 (18.03%)
Acquisition 925
Doc fee 75
Cap taxes 1392.42 (NY)
Gross Cap 34,447.39
Rebate 2000 (Corporate + Loyalty)
Net Cap 33,839.81
Residual .58 (12k miles)
Adjusted Residual 22,826.35
Rate/Money Factor .00166

Monthly payment $400 with $500 out of pocket ($400 first month + $75 fee + inspection/registration)

Screen shot from dealers computer