2018 LEXUS RX 350 July 2018

Last day of the month. Thinking of trading my 2017 LEXUS NX 200t today if the dealership is in the mood. I paying $299 36 mo. 12K including taxes, no MD, last May, so they know I’m serious. They claim $1750 factory incentive, plus $1000 loyalty. I just need to know what to target for a discount off MSRP. I’m waiting on them now for MF and residual to even see if its worthwhile. Any help is appreciated.

you got this car 36months/12k for $299/m (tax included), and 0 DAS ? That’s a solid deal, right?

Last May 31, 2017 I got the NX 200t for that price. I will be trading that back today, if I’m successful.

about $800 DAS, if memory serves.

$800 DAS and $300 a month for NX?? Holy… get me one also!

Just got a 2018 based RX350 with non-panoramic sunroof and parking assist for:

$488 total and $2000 DAS.

This is for 36 mo. 12k/yr. and included free schedule maintenance until 36k miles.

IDK if this is a good deal or not, this is in Woodland Hills SoCal if you want I can give you the sales person.

I had one of those $1000 PGA certificates which really helped. No word of lie, I called the dealer at 5:30pm on May31 last year and did the deal before they closed at 8! I gave them the numbers. based on advise from these hackers, and they said, “OK.” Last day of the month is MONEY.


whats the deal your looking to trade in for?

My 17 F sport with panoramic roof was msrp 57XXX and paid first month drive off for 36/12. $550 drive off 550 a month. There was $3500 lease cash at the time

I was unable to get anything done. Dealer was willing to discount 52,795 vehicle by 4400. He told me that he expects better incentives moving forward in the year as Toyota financial will discount 2018’s when 2019’s arrive.