2018 Lexus NX 300H SOCAL Deal help

Hey guys looking for some input on this deal I am getting for a 2018 Lexus NX 300H AWD at a local Southern California dealership. After lots of haggling this is the best offer the dealership came up with… what do you think? I was hoping that I could get a $450 zero drive off monthly price. Can I do better?

Market Value Selling Price --------- 46,692.00
Discount Rebate ------------- 5,147.00
Adjusted Price------------- 1,750.00
Total Purchase -------------39,795.00
Dealer Administrative
Charge-------------------- 80.00
Tax -----------------------48.56
Non Tax Fees ---------541.75
Net Price ------------ 40,465.31
Balance ------------- 40,465.31

36 Months/15K: $534 monthly (Zero Down/Tax already Included)
MF: 0.0007

If I do 8 MSD at $500 each ($4000 Total) I save around $40 on the monthly price.

Let me know what you guys think? Thanks

How many dealers have you gotten quotes from?

Just 3 in the local area… haven’t branched out too far yet. The other 2 said they couldn’t come close to the deal I was getting.

According to edmunds that’s buy rate on the MF and the rebate is $1750, so it looks like a 11% discount. The only place to negotiate is the sales price, you’ll have to widen your search if you want a bigger discount, once you get something lower from a farther away dealer, get these guys to match it.

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Quick question? Is the first MSD out of the 9 not counted? and is the lowest rate possible .00006 or .00001? Thanks guys.