2018 Lexus NX 300 Base Quote and help with current lease

I currently lease a 2017 Acura RDX FWD Base for $385/mo (zero down) and want to get out of my lease. I have 24 months remaining on the lease and was wondering whether if I could sell it to Carmax or my local dealership. I don’t know if this helps but I have 5,600 miles on the odometer.

I’m looking to switch to a 2018 Lexus NX 300 Base. I found a deal online from Omega Auto Group for $329/mo zero down. Is that true? Or is there a better deal out there? Thank you!

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Looking for either 7.5k or 10k miles/yr.

It never hurts to try, take it to Carmax and the Lexus dealer and see what they’ll do!!

$329 nothing down? Its gotta be a no option NX…

I don’t want all the bells and whistles probably just homelink and the power rear door. Thanks for replying!

Hey guys! Are there any out there willing to help me? Are there any deals for Luxury SUVs and crossovers under $380? Thanks!

Infiniti QX50 or NX300, base.

But that doesn’t include anything from the RDX. My guess is that you have negative equity

I called them and left a message. Never heard back from them!
Please let us know if you manage to get a response since they have decent prices advertised.

I checked out my numbers and it doesn’t have negative equity. I just didn’t like the RDX anymore and wanted to switch to a NX.

How did you check this?

I might have done it incorrectly but how would you check it? I looked through my contract. Sorry I’m new to this so, i’m not completely sure.

Negative equity is cost difference between which accura will ask vs what dealer will pay. 99.9999999 percent their will be negative equity unless you did a deal like @vohooo

You guys are right. I’ve about $1000 in negative equity. Can I negotiate the lease payoff with Acura to make it lower? Is that possible? I wasn’t aware at the time that I can negotiate the MSRP for lease vehicles. I should have found this forum earlier. Thank you.

You can’t negotiate it.

How do you know it’s current value? KBB isn’t always correct. You need to go to Carmax or a dealer to give you a trade-in value. Even then, different dealers can value the trade-in differently.

You can not negotiate the payoff amount.

I checked thru KBB. I thought I wouldn’t have negative equity since i had only 5k miles on it. Do you think I should stick with the RDX or switch to another car?

I never recommend doing anything when you have negative equity.

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One more question, my payoff amount is $29K. KBB says max value for trade in is around $27 to $28k. Would any dealers offer me $29K? If I were to roll in the ~$1K to my next lease, and use the Lexus $750 December to Remember Cash, would it even out to $250? Sorry for asking a lot of questions. I feel that my RDX is not worth it for $385 a month.

The only way to know for sure is to bring your car there and find it. If they give you $29k for your RDX, they just won’t discount the NX as much.

The $750 incentive doesn’t really negate the neg equity. You may try to convince yourself that it’s offsetting, but you are still paying $1k more than not having the neg equity.

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Thanks for replying! Do you think $329 a month for a NX Base is doable?