2018 Lexus LC 500 Lease Offer

Hi all, new to the forum, new to leasing. Would appreciate feedback on this lease offer:

2018 Lexus LC 500
MSRP $109,758
Selling Price $100,758, including $4000 lease cash
Money Factor 0.00017
Residual Values 49% (10k miles), 48% (12k), 46% (15k)
$5000 due at signing for taxes, fees, registration

$1500 per month, 36/10k
$1530 per month, 36/12k

Thoughts? Thanks very much

With a residual that low, only $4000 in lease cash, and a discount less than 5%, a good lease isn’t possible. You’re better off waiting a few years for a CPO to purchase

Thanks for the feedback. I got the impression reading other threads that the low residual value was going to be the killer. I don’t think the dealer is going to budge that much more on the sales price and besides, they’d need to drop the price another 10k to make a real difference which is unrealistic. Doing searches on this and others sites, it looks the residual value for the LC 500 was in the high 50s for a 36 month lease last year. Is a drop from 57% to 48% in residual value for the same model year typical?

People often speculate with numerous theories on RV changes…at the end of the day, the reasoning or whether it’s atypical doesn’t matter. It is what it is.

Fair enough. Playing with the leasehackr calculator, I see that it gives the option to add up to 9 MSDs - if I add the full 9 security deposits, the money factor drops from 0.00071 to 0.00001 and monthly lease goes down ~$110/month. Still a bad deal?

I don’t think anyone here will call it a good deal. Whether to proceed depends on how much you want this car and whether you’re open to looking at something else.

PS Lexus will probably allow you to use only 8 MSD here