2018 Lexus GX Premium 12k/3 yr @499 month (TEXAS)

First time Poster, Long time lurker. Called 4 dealerships here in Dallas (I HATE SALES TAX) and have the following deal:

Any thoughts/suggestions? I haven’t leased before and am weary of the MSDs.

2018 GX 460 Premium (Captain Seat upgrade)
Reduced Sales price: 48,290 (18% discount)
1,000 Lexus cash back
**4,000 Drive off (including sales tax) **
**499 month **
Lexus wear and tear package included

Leasehackr score 9.5

I’d ask about tax credits… See if they can throw in any to get the deal done. Otherwise 18% off is really good.

Very nice deal. I am able to do a deal very similar to this in SoCal while inventory lasts.

Looks great to me. I’ve been shopping in the Northeast and Midwest for this deal for the past week. I haven’t been able to crack 5k off yet. Seems they aren’t even interested.

That being said, the MF appears to be market up to the tune of close to $80/month. MF in the regions I’ve been shopping is .00025 not sure about yours locally.

4000 drive off is not good.
If zero down, it means you pay 499+31x4= 623