2018 Lexus ES 350 Lease ... any thoughts

I got this lease offer from a local dealer, any thoughts

MSRP - $45,232
Cap Cost - $30,730
RV - $20,807 (46%)
MF - 0.00001
Term - 36 months
Annual Mileage - 12k
Down Payment - 0
DAS - 0
MSD - 0
Tax Rate - 8.625%
Monthly Payment - $402.73

Something doesn’t add up, the delta between your cap cost and RV is about $10k and yet you pay (36*$400) almost $14.5k over the course of 36 months. Even with tax your included your monthly shouldn’t be more than $315 or so. Are you in a state where sales tax is calculated based on full price of the car as oppose to just depreciation plus fees?

where are you located? I’m interested

im in NY …

getting 317/month with zero DAS; someone check me on this…
too far off!

just found out it was a used vehicle