2018 Land Rover Discovery - $574/month (w/tax) 33/10


Signed the deal a week ago, picked it up Monday.

2018 Land Rover Discovery HSE

MSRP: $69,965
Selling Price: $58,898 (discount included employee PIN deal for October on Discovery)
Monthly Payment: $574 (inc. MA tax)
Cash Due at Signing: $2,100 (first payment, fees, taxes, registration)
Months: 33
Annual Mileage: 10,000
Region: Massachusetts


Nice. Post pics.


Congrats! Love to see the pics.
Could you PM me the dealer info if you dont mind? Im in the market for Disco 5 HSE
Thank you


70k Land Rover? That’s insane


Not insane.
If you get the top of line HSE Luxury trim, it’s probably what the OP got.

With the newer Ingenium engine, it will be so much better than my current EcoBoost Ford sourced engine which is a dog…
I won’t ever get a DS ever because of the issues I had being a first year model.

My originating dealer wants me to come back but I am reluctant due to British engineering, or lack thereof…


would love to see pics and hear about your experience w the car, I’m considering it myself.
enjoy the ride!


You should see our $80K MSRP 2019 Discovery HSE Lux TD6 :wink:


lets hear the payment…hold on…i’m sitting down…go ahead…


33/10 820 taxes and fees upfront.


Yes @Yinzer quoted it exactly right. Tried really hard to get to the 1% threshold but was happy in the end.

BTW, and FWIW, a RRS TD6 with the same $80k MSRP was over $200/mo more. The RV and MF were even worse on these.


That’s like $30k in options from a base discovery without even an engine upgrade.

I’m not familiar with that car in particular but what exactly do you get extra for $30k (aka the cost of a Chevy Equinox) ?

Back in the day I always considered The discovery the ugly step child of the RR with a rough ride. I’m not up to speed on this model …


Disco’s have a cult following similar to wagon buyers.

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The HSE Lux trim is $68k base. It includes a LOT of features and upgrades. From there, $10k+ in options is easy :smiley:

If these options gotcha down, check Porsche options!

The D5 (current version) is all new inside and out and is quite a vehicle. Tough to call any $80k vehicle a good value, but, in the marketplace it fares very well at its price point IMO.


They charge $2900 extra for surround camera option on a $68k LUX trim discovery that you can get standard on a $16k Nissan Versa SV …hmmmm.

I mean good for you that you like the car and are willing to spend that much on a Discovery but wow … not for me


Disco’s are just as capable off road as the big Range. Have you seen the Camel Trophy from back in the 90s?. Families that want a Range but need more space and appreciate true body on frame luxury suv get the Disco.

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In the U.K. farmers get Discovery’s to do real work, the RR’s are for prancing around in cities. I’ve lost count of the number of Discovery’s I’ve seen here that are blinged out and modded (even the last gen boxy version), only mod I’ve ever seen on one in the U.K. was with an air intake snorkel.

One of the main problems is LRs model range and trim levels are a mess now. They force people to get the top HSE trim to get blind spot monitors on Evoque, Velar, Discovery Sport and I think SE for Discovery.


Yeah it’s egregious for sure! Different strokes and all…


Which dealership here in MA did you get this deal from?


Land Rover Norwood

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Can you pm me on how you got the employee pin deal?