2018 Kia Optima S $159/mo $1000 Total Drive Off (24mo/12k/yr) **Including NJ Tax 6.625%**

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**Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2018 Kia Optima S

**MSRP: $24,530
**Selling Price: $21,740.55
**Monthly Payment: $159.00 (For 23 Months, Including NJ Taxes and Fees)
**Down Payment: $1000 (Due At Signing, Including NJ Taxes and Fees and First Month)
**MSD: $0/ N/A
**Incentives: $6260 Lease Cash (Available to All)

**Months: 24 Months
**Annual Mileage: 12k Miles/Yr
**MF: .00192 (I think)
**Residual: 59%

**Zip Code: 07004
**Leasehackr Score: 14.2
**Pre-filled Calculator link: Calculator

I will also get back a check for a bit over $100 for plates and reg as they over estimate and the sales manager gave me $20 because he lost a bet saying I will never find a dealer willing to take a deal anywhere near these numbers, but they ended up taking it. Lol.


Good car and an excellent deal!
one nit: lease cash is regional so not everyone can get 6260; by me it is only 5820

That’s a good point. Also make sure that they use the right lease cash, residual and MF, as the VIN for the S trim level decodes as an LX, which has a higher MF, lower residual and less lease cash.

The lease cash is the same for April, so this deal should still be able to be done.

Keep in mind, there is $650 of tax already included in this deal along with a $600 doc fee and $400 Motor Vehicle.

Where can I find the Lease Cash offers for Kia? All I see are “Lease Specials” with monthly payments, etc. Thanks!

Go to the Kia website, check their deals and if you click “Offer Details” there’s a button for a Payment Estimator that will tell you what you qualify for based on region:


I see it now. Thanks!

Can you please give me the sales person name and dealership address. I am in NJ and would like to try to get this deal.

only 4500 down here :frowning:

But per autobytel there is also 2k dealer bonus cash, not all will have but check

Why is this a good deal? Is the S at this rate better than the 17 hybrid base I got into at $145/mo, $0 down?

Is that $0 due at signing or just $0 cap cost reduction? How much is yours with taxes and fees?

I don’t think that your deal is replicable anymore because the incentives changed.

Just did the math, this deal is $129/mo with $0 due at signing if I advertise it like brokers do without tax, acquisition and reg.

I couldn’t replicate this deal in NJ. They wouldn’t offer 24 months lease telling me there are no 24 months lease program this month. And the best they would do is $170/month + taxes and fees which come to like $2200.

@falcon01. Im in the North Jersey area and looking for a deal like this. Can you provide the dealer and contact info?

Thanks and great deal!

To anyone interested in this deal, PM me your name, phone number and email address. I will forward it to the right people at the dealership. From what I understand, many at the dealership will tell you it’s not possible, you have to go the right person!

Do you know when the lease cash offer expires? I’m not yet ready to pull the trigger but I am looking.

The incentives expire on the last day of each month with Kia. That being said, The $6260 expired on April 30, the programs are considerably worse this month, and raise the monthly by $40. We’ll see how June looks for it.