2018 Kia Niro Hybrid EX Graphite Touring Edition - $287 for 36/10 MSRP $29,625 - Los Angeles


2018 Kia Niro EX Graphite Touring Edition

**MSRP: $29,625
**Selling Price: $23,751.14
**Monthly Payment: $287, $315 after 9.5% taxes
**Down Payment: $0
Incentives: $3,230

**Months: 36
**Annual Mileage: 10K
MF: .0022
Residual: 56%

Region: Southern CA
Lease Hacker Score: 8.8 (sorry don’t have the link any more)

14% off MSRP before incentives
20% off MSRP after incentives

I posted a couple days ago about an offer for the 2018 Kia Niro Graphite Edition and pulled the trigger on what I think is a solid deal for this particular model. My husband was set on this car as an upgrade from a Prius C. That model doesn’t lease particularly well, and Kia doesn’t offer MSDs, so I think this is the best deal I could’ve gotten. The salesman said he hasn’t seen a better deal on that car yet! Thanks to all the hackrs who gave me advice! Here’s a photo of the deal, as well as the car:


Buy rate at 2.4%, Kia mark up to 5.3%. That is a difference of about $58 bucks per month. So your 3250 incentive is actually 3250-2088 in inflated MF charges. . Fancy financing, may look good when reading the advertisement, but not so great when you consider the inflated interest charge.

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Yeah I totally understand. Nevertheless, it’s what my husband wanted and still cheaper than a Prius since Priuses have a much lower residual value. Sometimes it’s about getting a car you wanna drive, not about getting the best deal, or we’d all be driving S90s…

Between that and a prius, I would be all over the Niro! It is a good looking car. My current lease is a Kia as well, great cars in my opinion, just sucks that the MF is so high.

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did you end up going with the Touring Edition or the EX? do you like it? do you recall the person you worked with? I’m weighing this against the Rav4 Hybrid.

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I got an Optima recently from CarPros Glendale. Jose Rivera (323) 404-8053 was very helpful.

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I was just at Glendale Kia today to have a trim piece replaced on my car before returning the lease. I wouldn’t buy a donkey from that dealership. If you are looking, I would suggest contacting the internet manager over at Kia Cerritos. They are just as greaszy, but will at least do the negotiation over the phone. Kia dealerships, in general, are just the worst.

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We ended up with the EX Graphite Edition, which is halfway between an EX and Touring. It’s my husband’s car and he absolutely loves it. He moved from a Prius C, which was like driving a golf cart. This car drives much more like a regular car and still gets the same fuel efficiency as the C. We worked with Jose at Kia Glendale but I will say, we had to work on them for about a week. They’re much more motivated to work with you if you have a quote from another dealer and pit them against each other…

oh no, i just made an appt to test drive a car there today.

thanks - jose seems nice. i’m not getting full disclosure on drive off fees though. they want me to sign a lease first before telling me what finance fees etc. will be. so confusing!

did you have to pay any other fees? finance, tax, etc.? if so, can you tell me what they cost?

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OMG do not do that! Check out my post above with the print out of the deal. These were all the fees I paid. Use that as a guide to help you negotiate. DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING. In fact, you really shouldn’t go in there until you’ve gotten to a number you’re feeling comfortable with. What’s the actual car you’re looking at? MSRP/link?

I will say that yes, Kia salespeople were incredibly crafty, much worse than the Volvo salespeople I dealt with in getting my XC60. Please save yourself some time and do the leg work before you walk in. If you just need to test drive the car to see if you like it, be upfront about that and for the love of God, DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING. If they NEED to show you some offers, have them print it out and bring it back here for guidance…


looking at a kia Niro touring (just need leather seats bc of animals, children).

just got back - I posted about it - very stressful and I walked out without getting a car.