2018 June SoCal meetup POLLS

Starting a new thread for this. Go

  • North/West LA
  • East LA
  • Long Beach/Torrance
  • Westminster/Anaheim
  • Irvine

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Note - this poll only allows you to select one location. If we want, I can set up another poll that allows for multiple locations if people feel like they need to be able to select more options.

  • Saturday, June 16
  • Sunday, June 17
  • Saturday, June 23
  • Sunday, June 24
  • Saturday, June 30
  • Sunday, July 1

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Note - this poll allows multiple selections, so select all days that work for you. Once a day is nailed down, we’ll vote on the time.

Sweet thx for starting a new thread!

Looks like the consensus is definitely Irvine.

I’ll let more votes trickle in to nail down the date — looks like we’ve got several dates that work but not a clear winner yet. From there I’ll make another poll for dates/times combinations.

K so it’s a complete stalemate on dates so this poll is limited to a single vote. This is also a test to see who’s actually committing to coming since the location has actually been determined (Irvine).

LA-folks, make the effort! We can even carpool down (I’ll have… one seat available).

  • Saturday, June 23
  • Sunday, June 24
  • Saturday, June 30
  • Sunday, July 1

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hope you guys didnt meet yet. Actually july 1st is my wedding haha

Didn’t get enough votes in the follow up poll so I figured there wasn’t enough demand for the moment. I also have been traveling for work so I ended up being unable to make any of the dates in June or July😂

Is there going to be a meet up again in Irvine anytime soon? I would love to bring my lease deal

We absolutely can, we just need a decent number of responses so we don’t just have 3 people show up :joy:. I especially want to make sure we have a good group since it’s a pretty far drive for me.

Well what happened?!

i’ve been to a lottttttttttt of car, truck, diesel, enthusiast meets and one thing is you have to clear parking lot privileges or the such with either the business or the city or they get all cranky because it’s an unofficial gathering blah blah blah cops. etc.
best bet is huntington on-the-beach parking or irvine spectrum because there’s a dave n busters there and i’m sure not everyone can get babysitters for a meet day.

Ha we didn’t get very many responses after the initial poll, and I’ve spent the last month traveling so I haven’t been paying attention. It’d be great to get a full group together but I’m not sure we have enough interest

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Bummer- well it’s summer and if we cant do it now- I’m afraid it will never happen. I’m cool if at least 8 or 9 of us show up. Maybe grab coffee and breakfast at a hipster coffee shop.

Agreed. We just gotta get 8 or 9 to show :joy:. Maybe we can post a new thread and sticky it, or PM the users who previously expressed interest and get a big group message going. I’m traveling but can set something up when I’m on the ground

If you guys do it in Irvine, I will come out.

I showed up to the original one and I would love to come by, especially if it’s in Irvine.

Count me in…It’ll be fun!!!

If there’s ever a PNW meetup, I’d love to join :slight_smile: