2018 JL Rubicon Need help

MSRP: $51,985
Sales Price: $50,185
42 Months
12,000 miles
MF: .00185
Residual: 70%

They want $1000 and 535/m including tax

Please let me know what you guys think. Appreciate the help!

That’s a horrific dealer discount, hugely marked up MF and awful monthly payment.

Where are the incentives? Why’s the MF so high? You need a way better discount.

Check Edmunds for current MF and incentives.

Wrangler mf through Chrysler Capital is garbage. A lot of people are reporting closer to .0021, but definitely check edmunds. US bank was better, but may have went up a week or so ago. It was at .00175.

Also, shoot for 10% off msrp or 5% under invoice. That is an awful price.

Finally, the unlimited sport and sport S lease the best due to higher residual.

Good luck.

42 Mo lease means you lose 6 mos of wasted DMV fees. Counts as part of your cost so factor that in.

If you can go through US bank or a credit union the numbers will be a lot better