2018 jeep wrangler 4 door- NEW body style

Anyone have any information on leases for the new body style? they should be hitting dealers shortly.


Wranglers generally don’t have good lease programs. I expect the new JLs to have some pretty bad programs off of the bat since it’s so new.

the residuals should be pretty high, but the money factor will be high also. and don’t forget markups since its a new vehicle.

It’s going to lease horribly. End of story.

Ha. Well, that sounds promising. Lol.

Currently you can lease a sport unlimited Auto for 199 a month with 2999 down, 39 month. If it was anywhere close to that , I would pull the trigger.

I may just buy it cause the resale will be great in a few years.

Certain wrangler trims lease very well. They will still continue the current gen while JL is on sale.