2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland

With virtually no negotiating besides an email to a dealer bout 100 miles away I got a price via email on a 53k MSRP jeep for 39mo/12k with 1400 Drive offs including first months payment and fees for about $596 a month.

I am pasting the calculator below. My monthly is off a few bucks it must be something on one of the fees not sure but I am being told of a approx 3k discount and 4k in rebates.

I figure there is something that can be worked here so I will enter negotiations. So my question for the hackrs is where to attack next. I figure MSRP. They are offering about 5%… I was aiming for about 10%. If I get 10% I think the deal is where I would want it to be. The residual is also pretty low, but, If I decide to keep it at the end or trade in there should be positive equity as the residual on these Jeeps tends to be pretty high. Its the case now which is allowing me to break 10 months early and break even.

Do you have conquest or loyalty?

They did not tell me what rebated they included in the 4250, however, I should be able to qualify for both as I have a current GC Overland lease and several other vehicles from different brands in the household.

Terrible deal. I got a price of 465 w/ 465 on a 50k msrp. I have conquest.

This is nowhere near the deal I am looking for but since they started already in the 500’s I figure I can get them down to the $500 I want. Where did you get this 465? 12kmiles a year? Overland? That seems pretty sweet and low

I got it from @nyclife, don’t know the name of the dealer. I decided against the GC, looking for something more premium and all he has is something a little higher end than I’m willing to spend. Yes it was Overland and 12k a year.

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Was at my son’s lax practice. I’ll work up some numbers and PM you.

Seems like a sweet deal.

I guess hackrs aren’t big fans of Jeep huh?