2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited w/ Luxury II Package- Mass

New to this site and though I could use some help. I have been shopping around for a 18 Grand Cherokee lease in Mass. Looking for 18 4x4 Limited with Lux II package, 10k/ yr and 39 mos

Excellent credit and returning lessee, zero down lease only

One dealership offered $399/month + tax/title/reg (around $30/mo). MSRP $45,785

I’m hoping to get under $400/mo with tax as I have positive equity in my current Grand Cherokee lease I can roll into it (21k of 32.5k allotted and in perfect cond).

Thoughts on if this is a decent deal? Anything else I should take into consideration?

Thanks for your help!

I got my Overland for 12k/39 with 0 down including taxes rolled into payment for $519/month. MSRP was about 48k, had the Blind Spot monitors.

Try Quirk - they are hit or miss but can have good deals

Thank you! I bought my previous Jeep from them and saw this deal. I have already contacted them and they mentioned I needed to qualify for military, real estate agent, or business owner to qualify.

Do you think I am crazy to target $350/ month out the door (with tax) for a Limited with Lux II package? $0 down and 10k miles

Does your car truly have positive equity? What is the buyout and how much is the dealer (or carmax) willing to buy it?
Just because you are under mileage doesn’t mean you have positive equite.

Buyout is $21,900. KBB is around $25,000 trade in. Haven’t run numbers through carmax or the dealer yet but suspect it would be worth similar if trading in.

I would get numbers from carmax and the dealer. The more info you have the better the negotiation will be.

I’ll do that, thanks! I assume if there is positive equity, the dealer would just use it towards the down payment on the new lease?

This is my second time leasing and I was taken for a ride on my first one since I was upside down on my old BMW X3. More careful about shopping around for the best deal.